Collection Questions? We Are Here to Help

Collection Questions? We Are Here to Help

There can be many questions surrounding the collection of garbage and recycling items.

Capital Region Service Commission’s Solid Waste Division wants to help.

Please note the Solid Waste Division at 1775 Alison Blvd., does not collect garbage or recycle items, but is the end destination.

There are contracted services throughout the some 125-square kilometre region that collect your residential items including FERO for all region-wide services that fall under once-a-month collection.

Please ensure your items are out by 7 a.m. – particularly during holidays when traffic is lighter – on collection day.

Ensure you follow grey and blue collection requirements. Grey box is for paper and cardboard. Cardboard should be flattened into 2X3 dimensions if it is larger dimensions such as big screen televisions, screen tent packaging and other similar items.

Blue box is for plastic No. 1 through 7. Please check the bottom of plastic materials and there will be a recycle symbol with a number 1 through 7 inside. Those items along with aluminum cans are for blue box collection.

Items such as Styrofoam, glass, pet and garden bags, children’s toys, batteries and wood are not for recycle collection.

Should you have questions on collection, please contact the Solid Waste Division at and we will gladly get you connected with the right collection company.


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