Residents Asked Not to Use Wheeled Dollies for Recycle Collection

Residents Asked Not to Use Wheeled Dollies for Recycle Collection

 Capital Region Service Commission’s Solid Waste Division is asking its residents not to purchase large blue or grey dollies with wheels for recycling purposes.
Items contained in either of the wheeled dollies will not be collected as collection trucks are not equipped to handle the larger-sized items. The oversized dollies are meant for garbage only and trucks are equipped with mechanical arms to lift the heavier items.
SWD uses a blue and grey box program for recycling curbside collection. If you live in the City of Fredericton, blue or grey boxes have to be purchased at your favourite hardware store. If you live in the once-a-month rural areas, please contact FERO at 472-3376 and ask for boxes if you do not have any. They will be delivered during the next trip. In the event you don’t have blue or grey recycle boxes, you can use clear plastic bags, but please ensure the correct contents are inside. Plastics mixed with paper or cardboard will not be recycled.
Residents of the City of Fredericton and New Maryland are on an alternating week pickup schedule and that can be found here –
For those outside of those locations on once-a-month collection, please contact FERO to find out which day of the month collection day falls on.


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