CRSC’s Recycle@Work Program: Here Are Tips

CRSC’s Recycle@Work Program: Here Are Tips

 Capital Region Service Commission’s Solid Waste Division’s (SWD) Recycle@Work program allows business clients to divert materials from office settings and ensuring quality products are recycled and not landfilled.

SWD staff will leave supplied dollies for cardboard and paper outside on designated days for collection. There is no charge for this program.
Recycle@Work is an office and school program designed to collect paper and some pieces of cardboard from those environments.
The no charge service sees SWD dollies placed in office and school areas and emptied on an as-needed, call in basis.
The Recycle@Work program requires blue bins to be placed in an easily accessible location for collection outside off the office, school, site area.
SWD employees will not enter buildings to collect the items, meaning necessary arrangements will have to be made by office staff to ensure emptying and exchange of bins. The Recycle@Work collection system does not allow collection of plastics, hazardous waste products such as batteries or office cleaning supplies, hard cover books, grocery bags, foodstuffs and more. Please keep the contents to cardboard – that should be broken down – and paper products. Staples can remain intact and envelopes with windows are also acceptable product. For further information on the changes, please contact Christine Murphy at


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