Grey Box

Grey Box

The second bin for sorting recyclables is grey and is where you place your paper products. Here’s a list of the items that go in the grey box:

Paperback books
White and coloured paper
Before you put the items in the grey box, there are a few things you should do:

Remove all plastic liners and flatten boxes
Staples and paper clips do not need to be removed
Set your grey box out by 7 am on your scheduled collection day
*Please Note Request from Collector FERO on Handling Cardboard

Residents using their grey boxes for recycling collection are asked to flatten any cardboard product that does not easily fit inside the curbside container.
The grey box is designed for paper and cardboard recycling, but those who collect the items face obstacles with large quantities of cardboard that are not broken down for easier access. Residents can use clear plastic bags for recycled items. Please ensure there are not any contaminants inside the bin or bags.
Some of the products could be large screen television cardboad, screen tent cardboard boxes and numerous other large items. Residents are asked to ensure the cardboard recycled material is flattened, bundled and even tied. The dimensions should be 2X3 if at all possible for easier collection. You should also ensure plastic, liners and Styrofoam® materials are removed from the product.
The collectors are ensuring the grey and blue boxes are collected curbside, but there are times when large volumes of cardboard is not broken down and that can cause collection issues for the drivers.

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