Welcome to Capital Region Service Commission

Welcome to Capital Region Service Commission

We are in the midst of positive change in New Brunswick with local governance reform well underway. This restructuring is being led by the Government of New Brunswick through its Local Governance Reform Team, in conjunction with local governments, the regional service commissions and other stakeholder groups. Our path forward will lead to a modernized local governance system with stronger and more sustainable communities, and an enhanced quality of life for all New Brunswickers.

Regional Collaboration within Regional Service Commissions

Establishing priorities and taking advantage of mutual economic and community development opportunities will contribute to increased capacity and growth for the entire region.

The roles of the 12 regional service commissions, particularly RSC 11 will be expanded. Changes will include:

  • Expanded mandates for the commissions to deliver additional services
  • Changes required to improve governance
  • Voting rule changes to improve decision making and representation, and
  • Creation of a new leadership role within the commissions to oversee performance and operations
A New Name for RSC 11 & Fredericton Region Solid Waste

What is now known as Regional Service Commission 11 will become the Capital Region Service Commission.

The Capital Region Service Commission will encompass the communities that previously fell under RSC11, along with the new entity that will include Manners Sutton.

Additional services to be delivered by the Capital Region Service Commission

As a result of the Local Governance Reform Plan, starting January 1st, 2023, the Capital Region Service Commission will provide regional leadership in the delivery of the following:

  • Economic Development
  • Tourism Promotion
  • Community Development
  • Regional Transportation
  • Sport, Recreational and Cultural Infrastructure cost-sharing
  • Establishment of a Public Safety Committee

In addition, by January 1st, 2024, three commissions- Capital, Southeast and Fundy regions will provide a regional approach to focus on social issues by partnering with the provincial government to address growing social needs in the areas of homelessness, poverty, newcomer services and mental health.

Who Is Paying For This Change?

The new regional service commission mandates will be cost-shared by all member local governments and the rural district in each region. Cost-sharing approaches among the member local governments for the various new services will be set out in a regulation enacted in 2022 under the Regional Service Delivery Act.

There will also be many opportunities to establish partnerships and agreements with the provincial

government and other agencies to financially support the delivery of these new services.

Ongoing Communications

The Capital Region Service Commission is committed to ongoing communications with its residents as this reform unfolds. The Commission will be posting regular and timely progress updates on its website related to its expanded mandates and service offerings within the region.

All of your services from building permits, to subdivision plans to garbage and recycling as part of landfill operations will be under Capital Region Service Commission.

On Jan. 1, 2023, please visit www.capitalrsc.ca


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